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  • If you find a submission you really like, you can bookmark it to come back later or email the URL to a friend.
  • You can find a link to the originally reddit submission next to its title after selecting a submission


"What will I look like?" aims to inspire and demistify the weight-loss and weight management process. Using a large database of pictures of men and women, you can get a feel for what would be an appropriate weight for you. If you find this website useful, I would appreciate it if you chould share it with your friends or send some feedback my way. Enjoy!


The accuracy of the data on this site is limited to the accuracy of the user-submitted data on reddit.com and the automated scraping of that data. See a physician before you start a fitness program. Excercise caution and good judgement and don't believe everything you read on the internet. "What will I look like?" automatically scrapes user submitted data from reddit.com and does not review the content. "What will I look like?" is not responsible for the content sourced from reddit.com or any damages to users from using this site.


All of the data on this website was automatically scraped from the online community reddit.com (special shout-out to the subreddits r/loseit and r/progresspics). Thanks to all those who share their successes and struggles on these communities. This website would not be possible without you. Also big thanks for Imgur for being a awesome image host.